Variations for solo guitar

Performed by Stephen Mattingly and released on the label Clear Note Publications in July 2016. With music by Sor, Gerhard, and Turina. Available on itunes, Amazon, and Spotify.

infinite jest.jpg

Assembly Line for two soprano saxophones and playback

Performed by Invading Pleasures, along with music by Rasch, Lutz, Giesen, and Canedo. Released on the label Gruenrekorder in January 2016. Available on Gruenrekorder and Amazon. Click here for a review by textura. 


Con Moto for flute and marimba

Performed by the Verederos Flute and Percussion Duo, this was work was released on Eqilibrium Records in 2002. With works by Fitkin, Harrison, Saunders Smith, Macdonald, Shapey, Ergun, and Cage. Available on itunes, Soundset, and Spotify.