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Written in October 2016, this piece for tárogató and playback is a reflection on the increasing political tensions in the United States. Written for and performed here by Nikola Lutz.


Jacques de Liège (1260 - ca. 1330) rants about contemporary music in this video piece. Translation by Barbara Newman, 2008.


This work is part of an ongoing project launched by the cellist Céline Papion. The complete theater piece, which involves several composers, lighting, electronics, and dramaturgy, is scheduled for 2018.


Healthcare professionals discuss the emotional sides of their work.


A loop of my favorite moment from Tallis's Spem in alium. Different recordings of the same moment enter in their individual tunings and keys, which together create a massive, dense cloud.


A casual conversation in German with the Amish (with English subtitles). I speak High German and they speak a mixture of dialects from southern Germany and Switzerland, the language their ancestors brought over with them when they left for Pennsylvania early in the 18th century.


Originally written for the duo Invading Pleasures, this work was released on their album Infinite Jest in January 2016. Performed here by the Landman-Stadler Duo.


Black and white clusters take their cue from, "Ebony and ivory, together in perfect harmony." This is a live recording of the premier on February 26, 2014, performed by the Bugallo-Williams Piano Duo, for whom the piece was written. 


Oases, for mezzo soprano, sextet, and video, is a surreal treatment of advertisements. Written for Truike van der Poel and the Thürmchen Ensemble with Erik Oña conducting. Video by myself and Paul Kramer.


Video score to Newport Beach in the 70s for two violins, cello, and harpsichord, performed here by Ensemble Cordial.